Hi! My name is Diana Karen Mireles.

(dianakmir is my first name, middle initial, and first 3 letters of my last name).

Having a Minor in Journalism (Major: Apparel Design/Production), I have always wanted to have a blog where I can practice my writing skills but never really knew what lane I wanted to focus on. Sneakers have always been one of my collecting obsessions since the early 2000s and I gained a huge obsession with running 2 years ago, so I decided to focus on that to launch my blog. 

Always being very self conscious with myself, I decided to finally start doing something about it and I am so thankful I did. I started running August 1st, 2015 and since then, I have met goals and set new ones. I was afraid to share my story with everyone because I was not sure what kind of feedback I would get. You definitely must have thick skin to open up about something so personal. It wasn't until I decided to share my very first side by side comparison picture on Instagram, where I received a ton of love and support from others, that made me realize I was not just sharing a picture for others to see, but I was also encouraging others to get active and start their own fitness journey. 

My blog allows me to go far beyond Instagram pictures and captions. It is a place for me to document every accomplishment, whether it is small or big. I like to think of it as sort of like my public diary. Encouraging and motivating others, helps me stay motivated to continue my fitness journey.

In just the short period of time that I've been running, it has already brought me so many opportunities to not only work and collaborate with well known brands, but also to explore, on foot, the city I have lived in my whole life (Los Angeles). This is just the beginning and I hope to at least spark some inspiration in you to lace up and run!

Thank you for your support!