10K Thank you's

This past weekend, I posted an update picture on my Instagram of my 7 months transformation and was overwhelmed with the amount of love I received!

It's truly amazing the power of social media and how beneficial it can be if you utilize it correctly. I never thought that I would have strangers from all over the world congratulating and being proud of my accomplishments. That alone is so much motivation to keep me pushing harder. I know there are many eyes on me now that I have welcomed everyone into my journey. You really have to be mentality ready for ANY type of feedback/comments when you share personal things like that on social media. Not everyone will be nice. Not everyone has a good heart. There are people that will try to bring you down. You just have to stand tall and keep pushing hard for YOURSELF.

The image that I posted has over 7k likes, over 350 comments, and it got me 1.5K new followers which put me at over 10k follows. Reading through the comments brings the biggest smile to my face. I wish I could comment back to every single person and THANK them. Truly can't ever say THANK YOU enough to everyone who is watching my journey and cheering me on. I appreciate all the support!!

xo, Diana Karen