adidas AM4LA - the Co-Creation

So what do you do when you're invited by adidas to co-create a sneaker to represent Los Angeles FOR the LA running community? Well one, you scream of joy and then two, you say HELL YES!!

By now, it's pretty obvious my two favorite things are sneakers and running, so this opportunity was like a dream come true! So to break it down a little of what this co-creation is all about, I've listed a few key things below:

adidas SPEEDFACTORY: It is the future of manufacturing. An open source enabler for creativity and imagination. Accelerating exploration on the means of production and bringing innovations faster to consumers. Speedfactory is fueled by human creativity and enabled through fully digital and automated processes. Speedfactory delivers unmatched product precision, speed, fit, feel and ride in the industry.

adidas VISION: To bring speed factory directly to consumers. A personal experience to directly connect to the most advanced manufacturing platform from adidas: to create the product YOU want, designed by YOU, uniquely for YOU, produced where YOU are, delivered on the spot.

Together, with myself and two others in LA (Erik Valiente & Michael Pak), and runners in 5 other cities across the world, we are putting human creativity and SpeedFactory capabilities to the test. We will be showing the world the potential of SpeedFactory by co-creating and delivering state of the art footwear to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

LA CHALLENGE: To co-create a shoe using eco innovation (Parley) and biometric data along with the design influence of local and cultural LA insights.

It is really exciting to be a part of something that will represent the LA and it's running community. This opportunity is going to make history, I already know it. So stoked to see the first prototype and for all of you to see our co-creation January 2018! Stay tuned for more information on this co-creation!

Thank you adidas Running for this amazing opportunity!


*Disclaimer* Although I am co-creating a running sneaker with adidas, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.