Adidas #FitnessX

FitnessX - A fitness experience for women that does more than burn calories.

I can always count on having a great time at every Adidas event I attend. FitnessX was definitely very different than any other Adidas event I've ever attended, but it was so much fun doing things I wouldn't normally do. We each received our own personalized outfits to wear to the event that consisted of a sports bra, a top, bottoms, and sneakers. The events were broken down into four different categories: Fitness X Workout, Design, Styling, and Nutrition.

FITNESSX | WORKOUT - We started off our gloomy Saturday morning as a whole group with a workout on the Santa Monica Pier led by Ashley (@ashleyguarrasi). We did everything from shadow boxing, to squats using resistance bands, and downward-facing dogging (lol). We snapped group photos prior to running off to our second location, where we would be splitting into two groups (red and blue group, I was part of the blue group) and later would reunite for our group lunch.

FITNESSX | STYLING - The Blue group's first stop was at The Leaf and Petal Co. where we each got to make our own succulent plants. We chose our own pot, succulents and then put our arrangements together. It got pretty messy, but it was so much fun bonding and laughing over struggling trying to get our succulents to stay in place.

FITNESSX | DESIGN - Next up, we ran to the third location at Stone Candle Bar, where we would be making our own candle. We chose a scented oil from a wide variety of scents (I went with Peony Plum) and were taught the steps of how to properly make a candle.

FITNESSX | NUTRITION - Our fourth and final location was a group lunch at True Kitchen. As we walked in, we were greeted with a champagne glass and found name cards on tables with a personalized Fitness X menu and an Adidas gift card. We shared our stories, hobbies, and social media channels, so we could all keep in touch.

I always leave every Adidas event with such a positive attitude and feeling very inspired by all the women I get to meet. There are so many influential women in this world that come from so many different backgrounds and I feel extremly lucky to be able to share these experiences with some of them. I have only been an influencer with Adidas since earlier this year and I can already say I have learned and made many friendships.

I can't thank Adidas enough for allowing me to be a part of all these awesome events!