adidasRunning + POPSUGAR + GOTRLA

When adidas sent me an email stating:

"We recognize your influence on the next generation of women, and have chosen you to participate in a private event meant to inspire and empower young women from the LA chapter of Girls on the Run (GOTR). GOTR's mission is to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running."

There was absolutely NO way I was going to say no! I'm all for inspiring and motivating others to live an active life, especially when it comes to our younger generation. They are our future and should be shown they can reach for the stars no matter what.

As a mentor, we would be partnered with a girl between the ages of 10 to 13 and would lead them through the morning’s activities which included a full styling session, braiding bar, a two-mile Photo Scavenger Hunt (run along the beach stopping at checkpoints for bonding and photo moments), finish the scavenger hunt at the POPSUGAR x adidas Running Obstacle Course at the Victorian in Santa Monica, Ca., and celebrate with brunch.

Before the girls arrived, we (the mentors), went through our own personal styling session where we got to choose our outfit for the day and were gifted the new adidas Running UltraBOOSTx. I took advantage of the braid bar and got my hair braided too! (I'm ALWAYS down for a braid bar!)

Once the girls from GOTR LA arrived, we were asked to grab a backpack and each of the backpacks had a name tag on it. The name tag on the bag is the name of the girl that we got paired up with. I had the honor to be paired up with 8-year-old Brianna, whom has ran multiple 5k's and was quite the competitor that morning (wanted to finish the scavenger hunt first and made sure that we kept the lead the whole time!) At first it took a while for Brianna to open up and was a little more on the shy side, but once the activities commenced, her and I quickly got along so well!

The two-mile Photo Scavenger Hunt consisted of 4 stops:

  1. Photo 1 - Dance Move: Bust a move and have your photo taken
  2. Photo 2 - Selfie Station: Take a photo with a selfie stick with the beach in the background
  3. Gym Equipment at Muscle Beach: Have fun and encourage the girls to rope climb, help them up to the rings, etc.
  4. Yoga on the Grass: Do a yoga pose together
  5. Foam Pit at the obstacle course

Brianna was so competitive when it came to the photo scavenger hunt. She kept repeating "We're going to hold the first place title!" and we did! As soon as she would see a group approaching us, even though she wanted to stop for a "5 second break", she would cut it short and keep pushing so they wouldn't pass us.

This event was hosted to inspire our next generation, but I myself left super inspired by all the young girls who were in attendance. I learned so much from them and made me realize I am still a kid at heart. It's really awesome that a big, well-known brand like adidas hosts events like these for the youth. I wish events like these were around when I was young!

Thank you adidas for having me be a part of such an amazing event! I truly feel so blessed to be invited to events like these. They aren't just about the experience, but also about the friendships that are made along the way. So thankful for every single person I have the honor of sharing these memories with.


*Disclaimer* Although I was invited by adidas to attend this event, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.