adidas Women x Wanderlust SS18 Collection - 3K Run

To celebrate the adidas Women x Wanderlust SS18 collection, adidas hosted a morning event in Santa Monica that consisted of a short run lead by yours truly and a yoga session lead by Adrienne Meschler.

As most of you already know by now, if you read my previous blog post about Wanderlust 108, I will be leading the 5K at both the San Francisco and Santa Monica Wanderlust108 Fest, so it was a no brainer when adidas asked me if I wanted to lead the 3K run for this event.

I wasn't expecting so many attendees, but it truly made me happy to see so many familiar faces and just everyone out there getting active on a Sunday morning.

The morning started with the Wanderlust and Parley founders giving a short presentation on the new collection. It was very interesting to find out that this new SS18 collection was in collaboration with Parley, which means that it was made of plastic waste found in the ocean and repurposed into something that we could wear. 

After the presentation, it was my time to shine! I lead everyone to the starting point, which by the way was along the water and throughout the 3K route, there was beautiful sand art. I felt extremly happy to be leading the run and just seeing everyone have a good time. As I finished the run, I stayed at the finish line high-fiving everyone.

Lastly, we all walked back to where yoga would be taking place with Adrienne Meschler. Yoga isn't really my cup of tea, but I do appreciate a good stretch so I tried my best to keep up with the yoga practice.

Light bites and beverages were provided for us afterwards which allowed us time to mingle and hang out with everyone. There was also a gif photobooth and you never miss a photobooth opportunity! haha.

Thank you to my adidas and Wanderlust family for having me be a part of this event!


*Disclaimer* My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.