The Revolution Never Ends - Air Max Day '17

3.26 is a day I look forward to every year because Nike always goes all out to celebrate this iconic day in Air Max history. This year, the 30th anniversary, went above and beyond my expectations. 

My obvious sneaker choice for Air Max Day this year was the Air Max 1 Ultra 2.0's "OG" with the 3.26 on the tongue. (c/o Finishline / Finishline Women)

Nike LA brought in Air Max Day by shutting down La Brea Ave. with a live performance by Travis Scott! Not only did he perform in LA, but he also then later flew out to NY and raged out on the east coast for AM Day.

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This year's Air Max day sneaker drop was the Nike Running VaporMax. When I first saw images of this sneaker, I fell in love with the upper of the sneaker. (I mean, it was only obvious I would since I'm a huge Flyknit fan!) The sole, well that's a different story. I wasn't instantly sold on the sole, I just couldn't get past the futuristic look of it. There's literally nothing like it, so it was hard for me to soak it all in and appreciate the Air sole. I knew it was a sneaker I had to see in person in order to know if I actually loved it or hated it.

I had the opportunity to attend the Sneakeasy Pop Up and I was MIND BLOWN! It was dope being able to experience the Sneakeasy ON Air Max Day because it really helped me appreciate the history of air more than ever before. I was so bummed earlier this week because I wasn't able to register for Sneakeasy since all the spots filled up quickly, but thanks to my girl Cherie, I was still able to attend!

My favorite part of Sneakeasy was the very beginning. You had to knock on a door ONCE, then a little door at the bottom would open and you had to show the Air Max's you were wearing. If you weren't wearing any, you had to say the secret password, which was "Kiss My Airs" (figured I can say it now since the celebration is over! lol). As soon as you stepped in, the experience began as you walked over a moving visual display of what was La Brea Ave. That hallway then led you to the first room where some of Sean Wotherspoon's faves from his collection were displayed. (Which by the way, he was the Revolutionair that won the Vote Forward competition and will be having his Air Max made). 

The main room was where you were able to trial the new VaporMax, get your hands on some exclusive Air Max Day silkscreen prints, customize the VaporMax and Air Max 1 and lots of photo ops. When I put on the VaporMax for the first time, I was actually not mad at them at all! They definitely look better on feet than in pictures. I walked around and had them on for about 5 minutes and within those 5 minutes, I was pretty sold on them. Yes, the sole is different than anything before, but you either hate it or love it. As for me, after putting them on, I'm on the love it side.

As I was walking out, Julia, from Nike Running, met me outside and surprised me with my own pair of VaporMax! I seriously was in total disbelief and got so emotional when she told me it was a gift from the whole Nike West team for completing my first marathon! It makes me so happy knowing I have their support! I love them all like family!

This year's Air Max Day was a huge success! I'm already looking forward to and counting down the days 'til next year's Air Max Day! 

MAD PROPS to the entire NIKE LA team for throwing the BEST Air Max Day celebration!


(A review on the VaporMax will be live once I have tried them out, so keep a look out!)

Below is a video recap of all my instastories from Air Max Day

*Disclaimer* My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.