adidas continues to take steps towards the future in the sneaker world introducing innovative technology. 

FORGEFIBER is an innovative stitching technology that efficiently provides precise fit and support in performance footwear. It is a process using TPU-coated yarn, maximizes the ability to provide targeted zones of stretch and lockout when stitched and heat compressed resulting in 30 percent more resistance using less thread.

The design process was inspired by body movement and the exploration of how organic cell structures grow. The density and angles of the stitching can be changed to create higher levels of support, multidirectional benefits like lockout and conformity, and fine-tuning based on the sport and the size of the athlete.

FORGEFIBER technology made its debut with the AlphaBOUNCE in the Core Black colorway. I was gifted this AlphaBOUNCE that features the new FORGEFIBER upper and it adapts to your foot as it moves from push-off to touchdown. I gave these a try for running and I could instantly feel the flexibility and the responsiveness of the sneaker.

Thank you adidas Running fam for my pair!


Below is a video released from adidas Running about the FORGEFIBER

*Disclaimer* Although I am an adidas ambassador and the sneakers were gifted to me, my thoughts and opinions are always my own. This is not a sponsored post.