Aspire to Inspire Others

I have been on my fitness journey for almost a year and throughout that year, I've been inspired by the Coaches, Pacers, and all of the people I've met at the run clubs I attend and also by those I follow on social media. Every word of encouragement and running tip has helped keep me motivated, so I know how important it is to be surrounded by like minded individuals.

My sister Lindsay started a journey of her own shortly after I had began mine last August '15. We both started running with Nike Run Club and there were times where I relied on her to encourage me to keep going when I was too tired and just wanted to stop. A couple weeks after joining me, she got pregnant and focused on her pregnancy. Being so used to having her by my side since the beginning, it got very challenging for me to get used to not having her there.  It was now on me to push myself even when I felt like I couldn't anymore.


My sister is back in action! She had my beautiful niece Raelynn Penny on May 26, 2016 and now she's ready to get back into running. She joined me for BlacklistLA's Monday night art run and also for NRC Track Tuesday. 

Just like I tell Lindsay, it's always very challenging at first. You have to step outside of your comfort zone in order to make changes. If you just go at your "comfortable" pace, then you're not making a difference. You have to get comfortable with being UNcomfortable.

The whole time during the run, she kept telling me to leave her behind and just run at my pace, but I remember when she first joined me on MY journey back in August of last year, she would NEVER leave me behind, even if we were the last ones in the "sexy pace" group. She would always be willing to walk with me and take breaks when I felt like I had to stop and catch my breath.

I am very proud of her for actually coming out and running with me. Lindsay has always been one of my biggest supporters and I can't ever thank her enough. This is my way of giving back to her by continuing to support her throughout her fitness journey and help her get better, faster and stronger. Because alone we are strong, but together WE ARE MORE!


It's never too late to start your own fitness journey. I am always happy and willing to help others. Whether it is with tips from my personal experience, words of encouragement, or even go out for a run together. Together we can keep each other motivated!

Come run with me and Lindsay: BLACKLISTLA | NIKE RUN CLUB LA