Bling Bling

Although I have only been running for a little over three months, I have already started my medal collection and let me tell you, the addiction is beyond real. Races are all fun and games until you start noticing the holes they are leaving in your pocket. $45 here, $55 there, $5 discount code to only pay $40, well yeah, all that adds up, but the feeling you get right after you cross the finish line and get your medal, makes it all worth it! You feel so accomplished and it is seriously a feeling you can't even describe.

My very first race was the Dodgers 5k in September, following that it was the Rock 'n' Roll Los Angeles 5k and Carrera De Los Muertos 5k back to back weekends in October, and then I decided to move up to a 10k for the Hard Rock Cafe run earlier this month.

I plan to continue racing, earning more medals, and eventually moving up to a half marathon and then a full marathon. My next planned race is on December 5th, Venice/Santa Monica Xmas 10k run, which happens to be on my birthday weekend!  When will I decide to move up from a 10k to a half marathon? Well I am in no rush. If you know me, you know I love anything Nike, so I want my first half marathon to be the Nike Women's SF Half Marathon in October 2016.

If I spark any little bit of inspiration in you to start running, I definitely recommend that you start running races and earning medals. It will help you get motivated to not only beat your best personal record, but also to continue to grow your "bling" collection. I believe in you! :)