Current Obsession - Açai Bowls

Where have açai bowls been all my life?!

An açai bowl is basically like a smoothie in a bowl that can be topped with various types of things like granola, fruit, honey, and many more. Açai is a delicious tropical fruit from Brazil with a ton of health benefits such as helps keep a healthy heart, weight loss and digestion, promotes skin health, immune booster, anti-aging, and many more.

I'm pretty sure we have all heard a lot of fuzz and have seen so many pretty pictures on instagram of açai bowls, but have you actually gone out and tried them? I just recently tried it and I can't get enough of them! I am usually a VERY picky eater and one of those that will say they do not like something even though they have never tried it.

My very first time trying an açai bowl was last month after a Nike Run Club session. It was the start of the NRC summer season and we all got treated with açai bowls courtesy of Amazebowls after our run. It was an early Saturday morning and I was on an empty stomach, so I didn't even think twice about eating it. Lets just say, it was HEAVEN in my mouth!

A couple weeks ago, I was driving down Washington Blvd. in Downtown Culver City, when I noticed a newly constructed shopping center, The Platform, where you can find Soulcycle, Blue Bottle Coffee, Sweetgreen, Juice Served HereSao Açai, and many other little shops. I was so stoked to have Sao Açai so close to home, however, I'm not too sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, for my wallet at least! haha. (small bowl $9/large bowl $11)

Small "Berry Bowl" from Sao Açai in Culver City, Ca.

This is a food trend that is definitely worth the try and it's good for you too! (I am not responsible for any addictions picked up after reading this! haha)

xo Diana Karen

*Disclaimer* My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.