Do you even VAPE? // Nike VaporMax

So I've got to be honest, when I first saw images of the Nike VaporMax, I was SO thrown off by how the sole looks. I immediately loved the upper (obvi) because it looks similar to my all time fave sneaker, the Flyknit Racer. This was definitely a shoe I HAD to see in person before I could decide if I hated it or loved it. The fact that the sole was literally NOTHING BUT AIR with an exposed air bubble and was something I had never seen before, was really keeping me from falling in love with it.

I first saw the VaporMax in person and got to try them on at the Nike Sneakeasy LA. Once I took a couple steps with them on, I slowly starting becoming a fan of the sneaker not just because of the way they felt, but they also looked pretty cool on foot. Before leaving Sneakeasy, I was blessed with my own pair of the VaporMax by my Nike LA fam and was able to REALLY test them out on my own.

I was a bit scared to run in them for two reasons: 1) I didn't want to get them dirty because I like them for everyday wear and 2) I usually go for running shoes with more support/cushion up top (like the Nike Structure 20s and Nike Zoom Pegasus 32s).

I wore them out first and tried walking in them all day. They passed that test. Next, I wanted to run in them before I could give my honest opinion on these sneakers, so I decided to finally take them out for a run.

I went on a 3.5 mile run and I was actually pretty impressed! They're super lightweight and the air bubble is actually very bouncy. I can definitely see myself running shorter runs in the VaporMax, I'm not sure how I'd like them for longer runs such as a half marathon and a full marathon though. Everyone is different, but personally, for longer runs I would prefer something with more stability and support.

Sizing on the VaporMax is a question that I always get asked because some say they run big and others say they run small, but personally, I think they run true to size, very similar the way the Flyknit Racer fits.

I look forward to many more miles logged (and many more days of athleisure wear) in my VaporMax. (I now got my eyes on the all black pair lol) 



*Disclaimer* Although the sneakers were gifted to me by Nike, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.