Since the month of October, Finishline has been hooking people up via their Instagram when displaying their #EpicFinish. Your #EpicFinish could literally be anything like how you style your sneakers/outfit, working out, a goal you've met, etc. 

I never thought I'd be a lucky winner, but I tried my luck and started hash-tagging #EpicFinish on my working out & style posts. The post that got me noticed by the Finishline team was the image from my previous post "Time For A Change".

via @finishline IG

I was so happy when the notification popped up on my phone, I seriously couldn't believe it. I felt so much love and was even more motivated to keep pushing harder in my running journey knowing that they wanted to help me take my next step to reaching my goal.

Fast forward to a couple weeks later, I get a picture text from my mom while I was at work and it was of the box they sent me!! I was so anxious to go home and see what I had gotten.

The #EpicFinish box included a full outfit from head to toe: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 (my favorite!), Nike DriFit Tank, Nike DriFit Leggings, Nike Indy Sportsbra, a Garmin ForeRunner 225 GPS running watch (I literally had just been talking about getting a Garmin GPS watch 2 days prior to receiving my box and they blessed me with one!), and a very sweet note from the finishline team. 

I am beyond grateful for everything Finishline has done from me. From selecting me to be a winner, shouting me out on their Instagram, and sending me all these great things that I absolutely love! I have never been more motivated in my life and this was just the cherry on top. To get noticed by such a great company like that was a big deal for me and I will continue to support finishline.

I am looking forward to my next #EpicFinish!

Thank you Finishline / Finishline Women!! 

(Go follow @finishline / @finishlinewomen on Instagram, they are still hooking people up and you could be next! #EpicFinish)