Flyknit Air Presto

If you know me, you already know that I'm obsessed with anything Flyknit (hence, my 12 pairs of Flyknit Racers and counting lol). When Nike first released the news that the Air Presto was going to get the flyknit treatment, I was beyond excited for them to release. I used to own a pair of Prestos back in the early 2000s and absolutely loved them. I remember I left them behind at my house in Mexico and never saw them again when I went back (I was bummed!). So I'm happy that Prestos are making a huge comeback this year because that means I can easily get my hands on a pair. 

I was torn between these turquoise ones, all white, or the black/white colorway. To decide on a pair, I went through pros/cons of each pair until I got down to one (lol the struggle!). I don't trust myself with all white shoes, I already know I'll get them dirty so fast and I had already gotten the regular Air Presto in the black/white colorway, so the pair remaining were the tiffany blue-like colorway (side note: I'm obsessed with Tiffany & Co.) lol.

It was seriously love at first sight/feel! They feel just like a sock and are beyond comfy. They really live up to what Nike says about them "T-Shirt for your feet". I personally always wear ALL my sneakers with socks, but I'm pretty sure if you wanted to, you can wear these without. I usually wear a size 8 to 8.5 and went with an 8 on these and it's a perfect fit, so I would say they fit true to size.

These easily became one of my top five favorite sneakers in my collection and now I want more colors! Good job Nike on yet another awesome Flyknit Sneaker.

Have you gotten your hands on a pair? What are your thoughts on them?

The Flyknit Presto is avaialble for both mens and womens ($150 Women/$160 Mens) and also available to customize on Nike ID ($200) - CLICK HERE TO SHOP

*Disclaimer* My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.