Go at your own Pace

Marathon training this time around has been a little harder to keep up with, but surprisingly, I've felt a lot more confident when it comes to the long runs.

During last year's marathon training, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was my first time trying to run long distances, learn how to pace myself so I wouldn't burn myself out the first few miles and just mentally be prepared.

After having ran a full marathon already, I feel like I know where I went wrong and what I had to do to make improvements. Last year, I found myself trying to keep up with the pace group that I started with, which that already is mistake number one. I realized that although we are all running the same race, everyone has a different pace. Yes, the group that you start with might leave you behind, but that's okay. If they run 14 miles, you're running the same 14 miles as well. Just because they run them at a faster pace doesn't mean that they're running longer distances. You have to know how to pace yourself, especially when running a full marathon.

I also realized that most pain and tiredness comes from the brain. You convince yourself that you're tired and that you SHOULD stop, but really, you can continue powering through. You just have to continue encouraging and pushing yourself. 

I've never felt more ready to run the marathon. I just now have to focus on not injuring myself just like I did last year a week prior to the race. 

If I could train and run a marathon, so can you!