Hydrated with OXiGEN for the LA Marathon

I can't believe the BIG day is only hours away! All those months of training. All the hard work I put in. The struggles I had to go through with my unexpected injuries. All of that will be SO worth it once I cross that finish line and earn my medal!

Throughout training, I've tried everything to help me stay healthy and hydrated. This past month, I started hydrating with OXiGEN water and shots, not just before/after my runs, but also to keep me energized throughout the day. I used to think every water was the same, until I started noticing OXiGEN was actually helping me recover faster after my runs. 

OXiGEN products are infused with added oxygen using a proprietary O4 oxygen molecule that works harder than O2 and contains 100x the oxygen of regular water (OXiGEN shot has 5x that amount). It not only helps you recover faster after workouts/runs, but also for improved endurance, increased stamina, greater mental clarity, decreased hangover effects, and to alleviate jet lag. (Bet ya didn't know there was something that could help with that hangover the following morning after one too many drinks! ;) haha)

What I like most about OXiGEN water/shots is that you can have as much as you want of it and kids/pets can enjoy it as well! Unlike other recovery drinks, OXiGEN doesn't contain any sugar, caffeine, calories, or unhealthy additives, so you don't have to feel guilty drinking it!

Thank you OXiGEN for helping me stay hydrated and ready to run my first full marathon!


*Disclaimer* I was gifted 1 week's worth of complimentary OXiGEN water/shots and compensated in exchange for this post. As always though, my thoughts and opinions are my own.