LA Marathon Training - Week 1-7

YO! Marathon training is NO joke!! I was freaking out a couple months back because of half marathon training, but now that I've moved up to marathon training, it feels like I can run half marathons all day long! (okay, maybe NOT to that extent lol).

I'm just so thankful that these first 7 weeks have been pain-free and injury-free. (knock on wood please!) The weeks pass by and the long run miles keep increasing. During week 6 I ran my longest run to date, SIXTEEN MILES.....IN THE RAIN!!!! WHATT??!?! ME? RUN 16 MILES?!? HOW?!!

Well, let me tell you, it is DEFINITELY possible! Anything and EVERYTHING is possible when you stay dedicated! If you would have told me a year and a half ago that I would run 16 miles, I would have rolled my eyes and told you you're crazy, but man, it feels amazing even just saying I've ran that many miles! I never in a billion years thought I'd be able to that. I definitely am not stopping there. The next few weeks include 18-22 mile long runs. Am I scared? HELL TO THE YES! But can I do it? Of course! Whether I go fast or slow, I will be finishing the mileage. I need to face my fears of long runs because that is what's preparing me to conquer the 26.2 miles on March 19th.

I really owe a lot of this to my BlacklistLA fam though. It makes it so much easier accomplishing these runs and staying consistent with training with their help. I definitely wouldn't be able to, or it wouldn't be as easy, to do these long runs without them. They help keep me motivated and push me past my comfort zone.

There are times when I start thinking of the LA Marathon and I get really scared, but I just have to trust the training and know that it's going to help me that day.

Anything is possible, you just gotta get out there and DO IT!