LAM '18 (My 2nd Marathon)

And just like that, my second marathon is done and over with and I PR'd by 40 minutes!

After running my first marathon in 2017, I was for sure never running a marathon ever again. I had such a bad experience with injuries that it really discouraged me and put me out from running for almost two months. I somehow convinced myself to sign up for the Conqur LA challenge (Santa Monica 10k, Pasadena Half Marathon, LA Marathon) because I wanted to earn the "big medal". 

Training this time around wasn't as consistent, which had me a bit nervous for the big day. I had events popping up left and right that I couldn't miss, leaving me no choice but to skip out on runs. The highest mileage I ran was 17 miles once, whereas last year, I ran up to 20 miles and kept it consistent with long runs. I did however, clean up my bad eating habits. I cut out junk food, fast food, drank nothing but water and just overall watched what I ate. I truly believe that's what helped me PR.

Race day was finally here and I felt confident and ready to conquer the 26.2 miles from Downtown LA to Santa Monica. I tried to keep a steady pace of 10'30", but once I hit the dreaded "wall" around mile 20, it was more of a walk/run situation. Even then though, I didn't feel as bad as I did the first time. I knew I was capable of running the entire marathon, so I still kept my confidence level up. It made me so happy to see so many familiar faces out on the course, especially all of my friends that came out to cheer me on with signs.

As I approached the finish line, I tried to push myself. I knew this was the end and I wanted to shave off as much time as I could. With only a quarter of a mile and running at full speed, I started feeling my left calf cramping up so I slowed it down. I definitely wasn't trying to crawl past the finish line. 5 hours 4 minutes and I was officially DONE with my second LA Marathon. I not only received my LA Marathon medal, but also the Conqur LA Challenge medal that I was super stoked for. At the finish line, my entire family was waiting for me and I truly think that's the best way to end 26.2 miles, celebrating with the people you love the most. My final time was 5 hours and 04 minutes.

So now what? Will I run another Marathon?! You bet I am! I will be signing up for the Conqur LA Challenge again and my goal for the marathon next year will be to finish under 5 hours.