Latest Pick Up - adidas NMD Primeknit Onix Glitch Camo

The struggle was so real to get these!

I some how completely forgot about the release on the adidas site, so of course, when I went on to get them, they were completely sold out. I looked on reseller sites like eBay to see what they were going for and sure enough, the reseller prices were high. I knew I had to have them, just didn't want to overpay for them. 

I was minding my business, scrolling on Insta, when I suddenly see Lady Foot Locker posted them saying they were available at select stores. So what do I do?! I instantly hit up my girl Sylvia who works for LFL and ask her if her store has them. Just my luck, she said no, but she would try to see if she can get a hold of them for me. Not knowing that these ran different because of the Primeknit, I asked for my regular adidas size, Women's size 8. Hours later, she comes through with the "GOT THEM!" text! *HALLELUYAHHHH!!* I finally get them, try them on, and THEY'RE TOO BIG! =( I try to double sock it to see if they'll fit, and still no luck! I was so bummed!!

Fast forward some days, here I am, minding my business again, scrolling on Twitter this time, and BAM! Finishline tweets out a link to buy them! I thought to myself "NO CHANCE MY SIZE IS STILL AVAILABLE!". I instantly go on, and successfully get a women's size 7.5! 

It was a serious struggle to get these, then to get them in the right size. I wish adidas would get their sizing right across the board. My sizes literally range from women's 7-8.5 in adidas. All that matters though, is that I now have these bad boys =) Shout out to Finishline for that restock!


*Disclaimer* The sneakers were purchased by me. My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.