Metcon Knows

Nike's "Metcon Knows" is an opportunity to experience life through the eyes of a Nike Elite Athlete. The two-hour stay at the House of Metcon in Manhattan Beach, Ca., consisted of a Nike Training Gear Up, High Intensity Circuit Training, Recovery Clinic, and Nutrition Seminar.

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As word got out about the House of Metcon, spaces quickly filled up. I constantly kept checking the site and was able to book my appointment Sunday, July 10 at 8 a.m, even though that meant I would have to be up by 6:30a in order to be there on time. We met at Robinson Elementary School in Manhattan Beach and from there, we took a shuttle to the House of Metcon. The house was beautiful, inside and out, a total dream house with the most perfect view of the beach. Throughout the house, you could find tons of motivational quotes, unique Nike displays, and Athlete pictures.


Upon checking in to the House of Metcon, the girls were led into a room where we would get fitted and gifted a sports bra to wear for our work out. Following the Bra fitting, we were informed on the latest Nike Training Gear and also given a pair of Nike Metcon's to test out during our workout. 

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via @nikela on twitter


The workout was 20 minutes long with 1 minute on and 1 minute off. Workouts consisted of barbell thrusters, kettle bell swings, rowers, assault bikes, and box stepovers. One minute doesn't seem too long, but when you're giving it your all, you definitely break a sweat! The Metcons are the perfect training shoe! They are flat on the bottom and give you enough stability when doing workouts. They run true to size.


Following the workout, we were led into a room with recliner seats where we put on recovery boots and were given a delicious protein shake. While we recovered with the boots, Nike Ekin Cherie, gave us a full walk through the new Nike Training Club app. (If you don't have the app, I DEF recommend it! It's an easy way to get your work out in whether you are at home or outdoors, own gym equipment or not. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket!)


Lastly, we were taken to the kitchen where we would learn how to meal prep, properly cut veggies, and tips on how to improve our current nutrition. We also got to try delicious treats they had prepped for us.

The two-hours quickly came to an end and I can truly say it was an awesome experience. I wish I could live like a Nike Elite Athlete EVERYDAY! haha. As a thank you/goodbye gift, we were gifted a goodie bag that included a Metcon Knows T-shirt and $20 Nike gift card. 

Thank you Nike for allowing us to experience a day in the life of an Elite Athlete!

(There are still some sessions of the House of Metcon left. Click HERE to check availability!)


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