Nike Free Focus TR Flyknit

Who doesn't love surprises, especially beautiful ones like these?! 

I'm a sucker for anything and EVERYTHING Nike flyknit, so I was beyond stoked when I received these babies in the mail from my fam over at SIX:02.

What I liked most at first sight, is how the upper on these look very similar to flyknit racers and if you know me, you know that racers are one of my favorite sneaker silhouettes. Can we also talk about this colorway though?! It's the perfect pink gradient, which makes it easier to match with many more outfits.

The sneaker lover in me is more into running sneakers, so I hadn't really seen much about these flyknit trainers. These definitely helped me change my view on training shoes and introduced me into the training sneaker world. (As if I needed any more sneaker addictions lol).

I tried them out for the first time during a killer strength training class I took last week and I ended up loving them even more. The flat sole has the stability that helped me keep my balance while doing squats and lunges, but still have the flexibility in the upper that help with curtsy lunges and planks. The only downside I noticed was the foot opening by the shoelaces kept coming loose. I think it's  from the foot moving around and stretching out the laces. It could easily be prevented by lacing them a bit tighter than normal to avoid having to constantly be re-tightening them. Overall, I am very happy with these sneakers and I'm looking forward to many more training sessions with them.

Big thank you to SIX:02 for lacing me with these flyknits and keeping me in style while putting in work! 



*Disclaimer* This is not a sponsored post. Six:02 did gift the sneakers to me, but my thoughts and opinions are my own.