#PerfectNever - SIX02 / Reebok

"Perfect is boring. It never changes. It never improves. And never shows you anything different. Fortunately, no one's perfect. Perfect never gets better, never learns, and never grows. Perfect never challenges expectations or changes conversations. You are who you've worked to become. Be proud that you're NEVER perfect." - Reebok and Gigi Hadid

To me, #PerfectNever means you're always growing and learning. Always looking to better yourself one way or another. There's always work to be done. The work is never over. 

This Reebok campaign with Gigi Hadid has such a strong meaning behind it because ever since a young age, we are taught that "Practice makes Perfect". That's incorrect. Perfection isn't real. No one perfect. If you're perfect, you've reached a peak where you can't better yourself, you can't learn, you can't grow.

You're a work in progress and the progression never ends. Always strive to better yourself because you are #PerfectNEVER.

Thank you SIX02 for gifting me this awesome head to toe Reebok set. My fave piece is for sure the reflective jacket! *heart eye emoji* I'm also a huge fan of the sports bra! The strap details are so cute and can be worn under a tank to let the straps peek through! 


Without Flash

Without Flash

With Flash




*Disclaimer* Although the entire outfit was gifted to me by SIX02, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.