Plan Out Your Week

I find it easiest to plan out my work outs at the beginning of the week that way I know exactly what I have to do and won't bail out of any run/work out. If I know I have a run I have to be at on Tuesday, then I will hold myself accountable and go, but if I don't have anything planned and I just decide to go last minute, there's a higher chance of me getting lazy and not going on a run. 

Don't get me wrong though. When I first started running, it was extremely hard convincing myself even when I had my runs planned out. There were days where I just wanted to drive home after work and skip out on my run. It was not until I started packing my work out clothes and changing at work that I started being more consistent and eventually it became a habit and a part of my routine. Now, I look forward to going to my runs and I know exactly how much mileage I am going to run for the week.

Whether you run with local run groups or run solo, try to plan out your week ahead of time and see if that helps you stay on track! Just like everything new you try, it takes time to get used to something. When you're just simply not feeling it, just remember to always ask yourself. "How bad do I want it?"

xo, Diana Karen