Pure Boost X

I was invited by Adidas to celebrate the release of their new women's exclusive running sneaker Pure Boost X and let me just say, it was one of the best experiences ever. If you follow me on snapchat, you pretty much felt like you were part of the experience with me since I was literally snap chatting EVERYTHING!

Myself, along with 24 other bad ass, inspiring woman athletes on their own journey, got selected and invited to be creators for Adidas Women / Adidas Running

To recap the week the shortest way possible (even though I want to share every single detail), the events were from Wednesday night until Saturday morning in Santa Monica, Ca. (my backyard!), but unfortunately due to schedule conflicts, I was only able to attend Wednesday and Thursday.  

We kicked off the events with a Welcome Dinner at the Viceroy in Santa Monica, where we would be staying for the next couple of days. At the welcome dinner, we got to meet and interact with fellow influencers, media and members of the Adidas team. Each of us received a welcome bag that included a full outfit, from head to toe, for the next day.

Thursdays wake up call was at 7a. Started with breakfast and shortly after we headed out to the shoe unveil location. It was such a beautiful sight once we arrived. All of our pictures were projected on to the walls and there was a big "X" display in the center of the room with the Pure Boost X right in the middle of it. We each received our own Pure Boost X and were also surprised with a styling session, where we all got to choose 4 full outfits and get our hair and make up done. Individually, we had our own private confessional moment where we were asked questions related to us and our Instagram on camera. Believe it or not, I get REALLY camera shy especially when there are bright lights right on you, but I feel like I did pretty good! I got asked about my multiple closets and my "sneaker head" addiction (lol). 

Next up, were the workouts that we would do throughout the day. We did everything from running, stair work outs, boxing, and work outs on the roof top of the Santa Monica Adidas store. We ended Thursday night with wine, cheese, great conversations and a cooking class, where we all got to collaboratively make our own Dinner at Taste of Pace in Santa Monica.

The rest of the days included a morning run down Santa Monica Beach, yoga on the beach, manicures, massages, previewing future adidas products, and a launch party for the Pure Boost X. I still can't get over the fact that I was not able to attend the last two days. I was on snapchat all day looking at all the fun I was missing out on and shedding tears one snap at a time.

Now to the Pure Boost X. Let me start off by saying this shoe is different than any other shoe. It features a unique floating arch that hugs your foot and feels like you're just wearing a sock. The full length boost midsole is, of course, very comfortable so it's perfect for a smooth ride. The lifted arch was definitely something that I had to get used to since it was something I've never felt before, but after using them on the first run, my foot adjusted quickly.

The Pure Boost X release today and are available HERE.

I left this past weeks events feeling very inspired by all the strong, beautiful women I met. Thank you Adidas for inviting me to be a part of this great event and for all the goodies I was gifted.