Reflections: 3rd Full Marathon

I’m officially a 3x Marathoner!

Overall, I’m super proud of myself for completing yet another full marathon. That alone is such a huge accomplishment.

Going into training, my main goal for this marathon was to finish under 5 hours since for my first, I finished at 5:44 and my second at 5:04. I really thought I had this in the bag, but unfortunately, crossed the finish line at 5:45, a minute after my first marathon. Yes, it’s a little disappointing, but there’s always next marathon.

Thinking back, there are definitely some things that I’d do different. My training would be more consistent than it was, I’d put in more work in the gym and I’d definitely eat cleaner.

Just like every year, I always say it’ll be my last marathon but there is unfinished business that I need to take care of and lets be real, running marathons oddly gets addicting!

I’ll be back at my next one stronger than ever!