RNRLA Half Marathon Training - Week 9/10/11

And just like that, the final weeks of training are over! Race week is officially here!

It definitely wasn't the easiest training. Lots and lots of up and downs, sorta like a roller coaster. Overall, I'm happy that I decided to listen to my body rather than to push it. I didn't train as hard as I originally planned to, but I feel pretty confident about the race. I originally set a goal to run it under 2 hours, but after some deep thinking, I realized that the most important part of running this half marathon is to enjoy it, especially since will be my first of many more to come.

Week 9, 10, and 11 all had extremly great and not-so-great runs, but every run counts no matter what. Thankful for both Nike Run Club and BlacklistLA for keeping me on my two feet week after week with every run. Throughout this whole training journey, I didn't go on any runs on my own. I found it easier to run with a group of people and after all, races are ran with others surrounding you. 

This is going to be the EARLY warm-up for the real deal...the LA Marathon aka my very first marathon! I'm proud of myself for actually sticking with something that I love and in this case, it being running. I have become a better runner and that alone makes me feel confident for the Rock n Roll LA half marathon.

See you in 5 days RNRLA!