Ultra Boost X /// San Francisco with adidas Running

When I first started running, I had ZERO idea that it would bring me so many awesome opportunities. Being recognized by a big brand like adidas alone is a huge honor. As a matter of fact, they were the very first brand to reach out to me, about 6 months into my running journey. This was back in January of last year, they reached out inviting me to a 3-day launch event for the adidas PureBOOSTx. At this event, I met so many inspiring women and it made me so happy to be included in the mix with them.

Fast forward a year later, here I am, I was now getting invited to a 2-day event in SAN FRANCISCO for the ultraBOOSTx. San Fran?!?! UH YES PLEASE! I had NEVER been to SF so I was all about it! Also, the UltraBOOST is my fave adidas sneaker so I was curious to see what the X would be all about. I have to be honest though, I was a little scared as to how they were gonna feel due to past experience with the pureBOOSTx. It's not that the pureBOOSTx is uncomfortable, but I just truly feel like they are not for my foot. They're okay on a short run, but after a while, they start to hurt a little around the arch. It really all depends on the person though, because there are many women out there who prefer the pureBOOSTx for ALL runs over any other shoe.

Okay back to the UltraBOOSTx and the San Fran trip.

I flew out early Sunday morning because since I had never been to SF, I wanted to have a full day to explore around the city and oh boy, I sure did! I walked a total of 9 miles, got lost about twice and had to uber back to my hotel because it started raining mid-day. 

Monday and Tuesday were the two days I'd spend with adidas Running testing out the new ultraBOOSTx along with 100 other women from around the world, 25 of those women were from U.S. aka I was one of those 25! (Super thankful to be included!) Throughout these two days, we ran a total of 5 runs through Lands End, up MANY steep uphill streets, down Lombard and across the Golden Gate Bridge and had one intense, yet fun, HIIT workout. It was truly EPIC despite the rain and special appearance from the infamous Karl the Fog.

It definitely isn't easy planning a trip with 100 girls, but adidas did the damn thing! They made sure we were all well taken care of and pampered us with a braid bar, chrome nail station and gifted us outfits + our own pair of the UltraBOOSTx. 

Now to my thoughts on the UBx. Based off my experience with the sneakers so far, I LOVE THEM! They are WAYYYY comfy, very similar to how regular UB's feel, except these have more of a snug, sock-like feel because of the lifted arch, which I actually like because it feels like you're wearing a hella comfortable sock with BOOST support on the sole. The prime knit definitely helps make it comfier because it's stretchy and allows your foot to move around. The only downside I noticed to that though, was when running down hill, my foot kept moving forward, but other than that, they're GREAT! Size wise, they run the same as Ultra Boost in my opinion.

It was truly such an amazing experience! There's literally nothing better than exploring a new city on foot. Thank you to adidas and the entire team for having me be a part of this awesome event!



*Disclaimer* Although the trip was paid for by adidas and the UltraBOOSTx were gifted to me, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.