SIX:02 x Puma Fierce x Rihanna

That moment when you receive an email from SIX:02 inviting you to Rihanna's Anti World Tour!! This happened to me last month and I nearly cried of excitement. Following that email, I received the new Fenty for Stance Socks by Rihanna socks & Puma Fierce Sneakers. (SIX:02 really knows how to make a girl feel special!!)

Two weeks ago, I attended the Anti World Tour at the Forum in Inglewood, CA. with Jenn and Sarah from SIX:02, along with other influencers. The concert was far beyond my expectations! I had seen Rihanna in concert two other times before but she really went above and beyond on this one. She really knows how to put on an amazing show! I didn't even realize how many Rihanna songs I actually really liked until that night.


Since I am sneaker obsessed, it's only right that I give a review on the Puma Fierce sneakers. Personally, I was not too sure how I felt about them when they first released, but after receiving them, I liked how they looked on foot better than in photos. They're very flexible and have a good amount of cushion support, in other words, the comfort on these is on another level. I was kind of nervous about the elongated tongue rubbing against my leg, but it's actually really comfy because it's a sponge-like material. These sneakers fit true to size.

I am also very excited to share that I have partnered up with SIX:02 to celebrate "SIX:02 WEEK" the first week of June, where they will be offering in-store workouts, events and rewards at all their stores across the country. As part of the blogger partnership, I was gifted a $250 gift card to curate my personalized summer look. (Stay tuned for my blog post coming soon on my look!)

Join me on June 2nd to celebrate SIX:02 day at the Santa Monica location for a free workout, refreshments, and a live DJ all night long. Space is limited so sign up [HERE] now.

Big thank you to SIX:02 for this awesome opportunity! 

Puma Fierce are available for purchase at SIX:02 - CLICK HERE TO SHOP

*Disclaimer* Although the Puma Fierce were gifted to me by SIX:02, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.