Sweating it out with Sweatheory

That moment when you've sweat more after being in a infrared sauna for 45 minutes than you've ever sweat in an entire year of running!

I was thrilled when Olivia from Sweatheory reached out to me through Instagram, inviting me to take a complimentary "Sweat Yourself" session in one of their infrared saunas. I had heard of Sweatheory before from several of my IG friends, but I was curious as to how it was. So I couldn't wait to give it a try.


Sweatheory is a holistic day spa that believes in a natural and holistic way of healing and taking care of the body. They have infrared saunas that use light and radiant heat, which warms the body (instead of the air), and can do so at lower temperatures, which allows you to sweat more, whereas regular saunas use high heat and humidity to warm the air.

Some of the benefits of being in an infrared sauna are: 

  • Infrared heat penetrates about 1.5" deep into skin tissues, which helps eliminate toxins from your body and helps improve how your immune system functions.
  • High temperature increases heart rate which leads to burning calories.
  • Increased blood and oxygen flow can also relieve chronic joint and muscle pain/stiffness.
  • It helps lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, which results in lowered cortisol and increased relaxation afterwards.
  • Sweating helps purify skin and cleanse pores which improves complexion, tone, texture, and elasticity.

They also offer other different types of body healing such as crystal healing, body sculpting, IV, micro needling, and much more. (See below for image of full menu and check out their site for a more descriptive menu of what they offer: http://sweatheory.com/).

The sweat session I did was the Sweat Yourself ($35/session, $300/10 sessions, $500/20 sessions, 1 month unlimited $350).


Prior to this visit, I had never been in a sauna before, so I really didn't know what to expect. I don't do very good when it comes to being in small enclosed spaces, so I was a tad bit nervous as to how being inside the sauna for so long would make me feel. I decided to give it a try anyway because hey, we only live once! (YOLO! lol) *Kanye Shrug*

Let me begin by saying how cute the whole place is. Not only is the decor on point but the employees are all so sweet and welcoming. It's a decent sized place, located a couple blocks down from the heart of Hollywood, on Cahuenga Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. (1503 N. Cahuenga Blvd. LA, CA. 90028). Parking can be a bit tough if you're looking for street parking, but they also have a lot right next to them. Connected through the inside is LifeFood Organic that offers raw living foods, gluten-free, cold-pressed juices, and superfood smoothies, which are perfect for after a sweat sesh. I arrived 30 minutes earlier than my appointment time, so I figured I would have to wait and I was totally okay with that but they were so accommodating and they let me go right in without having to wait.

After checking in, I was given a variety of meditation CDs to select from to listen to while in the infrared sauna (Yes! the saunas are equipped with a CD player!) I chose a beach waves CD because something about the beach makes me feel so relaxed, so I knew that would be the perfect meditation sound for me. I was given a jar with drinking water to take with me to my room and was recommended to stay hydrated throughout my sweat session and was also provided with a Cayenne pepper shot to help boost the sweating and metabolism.

I was led into a super clean and private, open air room that included a personal sized sauna, a no ceiling shower that had lavender body wash, shampoo and conditioner, water to refill my cup if needed, hair ties, ear plugs, make-up remover, lotion, and crisp white towels. 

You have the room all for yourself for 60 minutes so you are free to be in the sauna for as long as you want and jump right into the shower to cool off or stay in the sauna for 20 minutes, jump in the shower, go right back in to the sauna, you name it! It's your time, so you decide how you want to spend it. Not knowing how I would feel in an enclosed space for so long, I just went with it and was going to listen to how my body reacted. I stayed in the sauna for 45 minutes and it was perfect timing because I had 15 minutes to shower and change afterwards. No one bothers you, which is great because you get a full relaxing experience. They do however, let you know that if you need anything, to feel free to ask. I prefer that, than to have someone constantly asking you if you need something or how you are doing, like how they do when you're trying something on at a store! lol

It's a personal sized sauna, so you have to be sitting up right the whole time. It would probably be nice to be able to lay down if it was a tad bit bigger, but either way, it feels amazing being in there. The really cool thing about the saunas is that you can see and control the temperature from the outside AND the inside of the sauna, so you can always keep track of time and see the temperature rise. The temperature started at 115 degrees fahrenheit and it gradually goes up with time. Not even five minutes into being in there, I felt the sweat dripping down. I don't think I've ever sweat THAT much in my whole entire life. After about 25 minutes, the temperature reached a bit over 140 degrees and that's when I had to swing the door open a bit to get some fresh air in. It felt extremly relaxing just sitting in there, sweating, not having to think about anything or having my phone. It was ME time.

After you get out of the sauna, you're literally so soaked and it feels amazing jumping straight into a cold shower. I fell in love with the lavender conditioner they provided, it left my hair feeling super smooth. My skin also never looked or felt better! I felt like I was glowing from head to toe. Once your hour is up, you gather up your belongings and leave your used towels on the floor and someone goes in after to clean up and prep for the next appointment. What I really loved is that you're never once rushed to get out. This doesn't mean take your sweet time in getting out, be polite and know when your time is up.

Once I returned to the lobby area, I was asked how my experience was and was provided with a mineral shot, that helps replenish some of the minerals you sweated off, and a was handed a cool towel with lavender scented oils in it. 


I had a really great experience at Sweatheory. It was nice being able to have some alone time to detox and I left feeling super refreshed and energized. One thing that I would recommend and that I plan on doing next time, is being more prepared. Since I wasn't sure what to expect, I didn't take any extra clothes to change into. You're getting out of the shower, so also make sure to bring any hygiene products needed such as deodorant. Next time, I plan on bringing comfortable clothes to change into and slides. I will definitely be back for another sweat session! 

Thank you Sweatheory for having me come by! This experience was a total life changer!

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Instagram: @Sweatheory | Website: http://sweatheory.com/

*Disclaimer* Although I was invited for a complimentary "Sweat Yourself" session, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.