The Force Is Female


It's about time that girls receive love in the sneaker world. For many years, girls have been getting left behind when it comes to dope color ways or sneaker drops in men's sizes only. Guys seriously don't know the struggle we have to go through trying to find sneakers we want in Grade School sizes. The hunt is way TOO real! lol

Nike's latest campaign focuses on strong, independent Females who fear no one or anything and aren't afraid to step out of the norm. As for me, this campaign spoke to my soul. I have been into sneakers for quite a few years now, but it's never really been a "girl thing" to do. I've always been seen as a tomboy for being into sneakers. I just never really gave a damn though, I owned it! No one really understood my passion for sneakers, but I wasn't looking for anyone's approval. I was just being myself and liking the things I liked.

This past weekend, I was invited to the Nike Sportswear / Nike Women #ForceIsFemale launch event at The Springs in Downtown Los Angeles, that focused on empowering women. Let me start off by saying I have NEVER left an event feeling THAT inspired. 

We mingled while enjoying delicious treats and drinks, snapped pictures with the cutest floral Nike Air backdrop, followed by a panel where we got to hear from the girls behind the #ForceIsFemale campaign, which included everything from models, bloggers, business owners, stylists and the photographer.

It was very interesting listening to the girls speak about their struggles and thoughts of females in the industry and what obstacles they had to overcome in order to stand out. I really related with all of their responses, especially when it came to women in the industry and social media nowadays. I feel like everyone is out here trying to "be someone" on social media so when they see someone they look up to, instead of being inspired and applying that inspiration to who they are, they just mimic that person and aren't true to themselves. No one likes replicas, everyone is all about originals. You stand out most when you're being yourself.

At the end of the event, we were all gifted a goodie bag that included a Force is Female tee with a word we selected when registering for the event, a Nike pen, hardcopy booklet that included pictures from the shoot and a Jason Markk quick wipe.

Thank you to my Nike Sportswear fam for having me and a big congrats to Kristen and the whole team for putting on such a great event/campaign!