Training for 3rd Consecutive LA Marathon

I really can’t believe it’ll be my 3rd full marathon already. Thinking back to not having ran any, running a marathon felt like it was so out of reach for me because not once did I consider myself a “runner”.

There really is something so special about running a full that keeps me coming back for more, even though I promised myself that after my first, I would NEVER run another one again. But that mental push, the adrenaline of thousands of people running through the streets of LA, the crowds of strangers cheering you on and the accomplishment at the end knowing you really did it.

By no means is running a marathon easy. You have to train and take it serious, but I strongly believe that if I can run a full marathon, anyone can run it, whether you’re a “runner” or not. I used to hate running. The thought of running made me feel so exhausted. I couldn’t even run a full mile without multiple stops in between. Just like everything new, it takes time, patience and lots of practice.

I’ve now been training for a month and I must say, it definitely isn’t any easier than the last two years. Double digit long runs still scare me and I have my self doubts. But guess what? These miles ain’t going to run themselves! You have to put in the work in order to get the results you want.

I’m excited, nervous but so happy to be healthy enough to train for a full marathon. Just like the last two, my main goal is to finish the marathon. That alone is already a HUGE win. However, beating my 5:04:22 time will be the icing on the cake.