#WeAreMore - Finishline RNRLA Brunch

Alone we are strong, but together #WEAREMORE!


What better way to celebrate running a half marathon through the streets of Los Angeles than with food?! That's exactly what all the Finishline Women did the day before our Rock N' Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon this past weekend.

Earlier this year in June, several of us girls were invited to an event at the Finish Line in Del Amo, to celebrate the launch of the #WeAreMore campaign. As a thank you, Finish Line gifted each one of us a free entry into the Rock N' Roll LA Half Marathon, which would end up being my very first Half. (Read more about it HERE).

We were all invited to attend a brunch at Commissary inside the Line Hotel on Wilshire Blvd. I had never been to the Commissary, but had seen several pictures on Instagram and was actually pretty stoked to finally try this place out. I was most excited though, to finally be in the same room with all of my #WeAreMore girls.

We were all welcomed with the prettiest brunch table setting and adidas duffel bags with our names on them waiting for us on our chairs. Inside the duffel bags, were a pair of adidas Ultra Boost. I was so happy (as you can see in the picture below lol), to have gotten the Blue pair. Out of all the shoes I own, I don't have any that are this color so it's definitely a good add into my collection!

The vibes were all so great throughout brunch. It's always so nice to be able to converse with other girls who share the same goals and ambitions as yourself, especially over some yummy food! You relate on a whole 'nother level because no one else knows the struggles you go through to reach your goals, especially when it comes to training and crossing the finishline of a Half Marathon.

As for me, this would be my first half marathon, so my nerves were definitely kicking in the day before. It was so helpful to have the girls share their first half marathon stories/experiences with me and give me their tips as to what to expect and do for my first half.

Thank you Finish Line Women for bringing such inspiring and powerful women together. This means so much more than you all know. We often see each other running around in the city, but never have a chance to connect the way we do at these events. Also, big thank you for the adidas Ultra Boost!!


*Disclaimer* My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.