What's Playing?

Music is definitely necessary for me when running. It helps keeps me distracted from paying attention to how many miles I have left, to helping me with my breathing pattern. When I first started running, I would just use my Apple wired headphones but the wire started getting annoying so I purchased some Beats By Dre Powerbeats2 headphones and then I was also gifted some in-ear wireless JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth earbuds. The only downside to having wireless headphones is that you have to make sure to have them charged at ALL times. That's always an issue with me. Even though the battery life on both of these headphones are actually really quite good (Powerbeats2 you get 6 hours of battery life and for the JLab earbuds you get 10 hours), I always forget to charge them after several runs and when I try to use them, they either are completely dead or they die as I am on a run. There's nothing worse than having to run without music because it makes the run that much harder, especially for longer runs. Another benefit to both of these headphones is that they are both waterproof so you won't have to worry about sweat messing them up.

I was asked what songs I had in my running playlist by one of my followers so it gave me the idea to make a blog post of what's currently playing. I can literally listen to everything and anything while running. I don't really have a music preference and I'm usually REALLY behind on new music. I am all for any current/at the moment songs that are super catchy such as "Work" by Rihanna, "Formation" by Beyonce, or "Pop Style" by Drake. I also like to listen to any up beat songs that will get me pumped when I'm feeling tired. I will play that over and over and will just want to dance throughout my whole run! haha. Below are some of my MUST HAVE in my running playlist songs at the moment. I try to update my "Running Playlist" at least twice a month and update it with current music so I'm not stuck listening to music that was hot 6 months ago lol. Give them a listen while you're running, you never know, they might become part of your running playlist too! Feel free to share some of your favorite songs currently in your playlist in the comments below, that way I can add them to my running playlist! ;)

1. "Work" - Rihanna ft. Drake (obv lol)

2. "Formation" - Beyonce

3. "Pop Style" - Drake Ft. The Throne

4. "One Dance" - Drake

5. "Panda" - Desiigner

6. "Famous" - Kanye West

7. "Low Life" - Future Ft. The Weeknd

8. "Might Not" - Belly Ft. The Weeknd

9. "Jumpman" - Future Ft. Drake (Yes, this song is still one of my favs lol)

10. "Waves" - Kanye West

11. "Summer Sixteen" - Drake

12. "Let Em' Know" - Bryson Tiller (But really all of songs on Trapsoul lol)

You can purchase either of the headphones I use by clicking the links below:

Beats by Dre Powerbeats2 Wireless ($199.95): CLICK HERE

JLab Audio Epic Bluetooth Earbuds ($99.99): CLICK HERE