My whole life, I've been blessed to be surrounded by such strong, beautiful, intelligent women who have helped shape me to who I am today. From the moment I was born, having my mom and my two older sisters, Elvia and Lindsay to even now, everyone I am honored to share a work space with, run the streets and sweat with.

We are all in this world to get shit done. To leave a mark and pave the way for our future women. Alone we are powerful, strong, and unstoppable, but when we join forces, we are all that plus WAY more.

Social media has been a great platform for me to meet and make new friends from all the over world who not only share the same interests as me, but are also on a mission to make a positive impact in this world. I'm constantly inspired by so many to keep pushing past boundaries and to continue making shit happen! We are limitless. We can do whatever we set our mind to. 

International Women's Day is a day where we all get celebrated for being the awesome human beings we are, but I honestly believe every day is OUR day.

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to be in this IWD MissBISH video with some amazing missBISHES. Big thank you to Monica and the entire missBISH team for continuing to empower women!