Women's Health Magazine Feature

When I first started my fitness journey, I had no idea I would come across all these awesome opportunities. I started my journey with one goal in mind: to better myself.

I was reached out to by Women's Health Magazine on Instagram and they were interested in potentially sharing my fitness journey under their weekly "Success Stories" column. The fact that a well known magazine even reached out to me, was already HUGE in my opinion. I shared my journey with them through email and also over a phone call. It was such an honor to have my story go live on Friday, August 5th on the Women's Health Magazine site. Some of my story was tweaked a bit, but overall, the line of events were all facts.

One thing I was super nervous about when this post went live, is that the article showed my before and current weight. If you've been following my fitness journey on Instagram or my blog, you may have noticed that I've NEVER shared my starting or current weight. I'm VERY insecure with my weight number and was afraid to share it. Now that it's out there, I realize that it's literally JUST a number. The more we focus on that number, the more we stress out and worry about it, which can potentially lead to over eating and gaining weight. I now realize that the number on a scale can't define me. All that matters is my happiness.

I've also been asked more than once before how I get in contact with companies, sponsored, featured, and gifted things, but to be honest, I have never done it for the sponsorships or free things, therefore, I don't even know myself how this all happened. I just shared my journey and have always kept it real since day one. You can't fake the funk. You can take active lifestyle photos and share them on social media, but you won't get results out of that. Never do something for the wrong reasons, always focus on your goal. Do you and good things will come to you.

It truly makes me so happy to inspire others. It's crazy how one post on Instagram or a blog sharing my story, could go such a long way, long enough to help others make a difference in their life.

I can't ever thank everyone enough for all their continuous support along my journey.

xo, Diana Karen

Check out my feature on Women's Health Magazine HERE.