BlacklistLA Rose Run

I was so touched by this morning's Downtown Los Angeles Rose Run with BlacklistLA. I'm usually not one to start up a convo if I don't know you, let alone even make eye contact or smile at anyone. I always just keep to myself or have my head dug deep into my iPhone screen. It's not that I'm being mean or rude, I just honestly am socially awkward if I don't know you. I don't know what to say and I get very nervous. This Rose Run made me realize that I need to get more in touch with the world even if it's just smiling at strangers I come across while on a run or in an elevator.

It was my first time attending a rose run with The List and it definitely won't be my last. Each runner received one red rose for love and one yellow rose for friendship. We were to give a rose to a stranger while on our 4.5 mile run to make their day or just simply make them smile. The reactions we got from people was truly amazing. It's crazy how such a small random act of kindness can really impact someone's day. The world needs a lot more positivity so any chance you get, even if its just simply exchanging a "hello", "have a great day",  or just a smile at someone, then do it! You can be making someone's day 100x better.

Thank you to Blacklist LA for hosting positive runs like this.

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Photos by @erikvaliente , @hmeckler, and @dells_g

sneakers: Pure BOOST X by @adidasrunning / @adidaswomen