Keep It Pushing, Everything Will Be Okay

The first day of the month means a fresh start. It's the perfect opportunity to do what you have been wanting to do, whether that be starting a workout plan, running, eating right, putting money in your savings, start reading a new book, literally anything!

For the past month, I have been feeling so blessed and thankful. I've received opportunities I never even imagined would EVER be possible.

Last month, I went on twitter and shared my college years story and decided to make a blog post about it because I realized there are people out there going through a similar struggle that may need to hear that EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.

Now, my story may not be AS bad as others, but this was definitely my lowest of my low.

Thinking back to about 5-8 years ago, I was a undergrad student at Cal State Northridge, going to school full-time and doing a 1+ hour commute to school about 5 days a week and working part-time. I was VERY blessed to have parents pay for my college tuition, but because of this reason, I NEVER wanted to ask my parents for help for anything else. I slowly started racking up my debt and eventually led me to max out 8 credit cards. Working part-time at Best Buy and making minimum wage just wasn't enough to cover gas, food, books, etc, so I relied HEAVILY on credit cards.

Fast forward to today, I am now credit card debt free, was able to get my own car without having my dad be a co-signer, I am able to help my parents out whenever they need the help, and I'm just overall happy with my life. This doesn't mean that my life is perfect because it's actually FAR from being perfect, but this is why I'm sharing this. I'm glad it's not perfect, that means there's always room for growth and improvement.

Although it may feel like the low times will never end, I can assure you that with time, patience, and dedication, thing WILL get better! I feel like it's really those low times that help us figure out exactly what we want to do in life and allows us to go in the right direction.

Stay focused, grind hard each and everyday, and keep it pushing! You got this! You'll one day look back and be thankful for the struggle that led you to where you are now.