Marathon Training - Here We Go Again...

Wow Marathon training with BlacklistLA again? It feels as if I just crossed the finish line for this years LA Marathon!

I have a love hate relationship with marathon training. I love that I get more consistent with running because every run counts, shedding off some weight also is a plus and just overall holding myself accountable to do something I never thought I’d enjoy doing. Hate? Well for starters - early Saturday mornings! Who doesn’t love waking up before sunrise to run double digits? *cue fake smile* However, that feeling you get after you finish that double digit run before 10am? You can’t beat that!

Going into this marathon training season, I know where I need to be better and work harder in order to get that sub-5 PR I’ve been chasing for the last 2 marathons. I’ve got the running down thanks to the BlacklistLA training plan, but the eating, cross training, and recovery part, I definitely need improvement on. I plan on not only staying consistent with the runs but also with everything else that comes along with marathon training.

Here we go again! 4 months of marathon training start now!

xo, Diana Karen