Nike Air Max Plus Satin "Plum Fog"

The '90s Nike Air Max Plus has been M.I.A. for quite some time in the States but recently has been making appearances in dope colorways. This "Plum Fog" pair is part of the "Summer Satin" pack along with the "Enamel Green" pair. Both of these pastel shades are made of a sleek satin fabrication and reflective 3M material atop the Air Max Plus midsole which features the iconic air bubbles throughout.

I remember back in the early 2000s I had the denim Air Max Plus and they were hands down one of my favorite pairs of shoes I owned at the time. When I went to Mexico one year, I made the mistake of leaving them behind at my house out there so that I'd have them for the next time I went, but when I went back the following year, they were no where to be found -_- (aka one of my cousins in Mexico was rocking my fav sneakers lol). 

When these dropped in the States on June 3rd via the Nike SNKRS app, I slept so hard on them. I went on the SNKRS app to buy them, my size was still available but I couldn't decide on a color so I gave it a minute to think it over. When I finally decided on the Plum Fog color way, of course, they were ALL sold out. I was so bummed and tried looking EVERYWHERE for them but only found them on eBay through an Indonesia retailer, BUT I didn't fully trust it. Months later, I tried to hunt them down again and saw that UK retailer END. had them available! I immediately went for my debit card and purchased my size. 


The color on these is beyond perfect and the fit is also true to size. The only negative thing I'd have to say about these is the sloppy construction on/around the midsole/sole area. During the construction process, it seems like not much attention was paid when putting the sole and midsole together. The satin upper however, makes up for the sole. Construction was beautifully made and visually looks amazing. I love sneakers that incorporate different fabrications.

So happy to add them to my collection and kinda sorta really want the Enamel Green pair now and the Burgundy UK only release pair.



*Disclaimer* My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.