Nike Air Max Pop Up Experience

Nike always makes sure to go big for #AirMaxDay. Last year they went with the sneaker box installation in Downtown LA and this year, they did a Air Max Pop Up Experience shop offering the best Air Max's, complimentary sneaker cleaning from Jason Markk and exclusive Air Max accessories. 

Now you KNOW I had to stop by and check out the pop up shop especially because it was right around the corner from my job. The pop up was located inside the old Undefeated shop on La Brea Blvd., LA. There were SO many dope sneakers I wanted to purchase, but the way my bank account is set up... haha! Anyway, there were dope displays showcasing the H-T-M AM's with chairs in between each where one could get their shoes cleaned courtesy of JM.

3.26 is Air Max Day - What air will you wear?