Nike Latino Heritage Month Cortez'

"We are not our parents. We are our own generation, driven by el deseo to stand out and redefine our future. We are assimilated yet rooted in our heritage, merging our cultura with fresh, new ideas. We live in two worlds at once, embracing a dual identity con placer.

Somos a new generation of young Latinos pushing the limits de lo que podemos ser. We are a voice that cannot be ignored — our vibrant heritage fuels our growing influence.

Somos Latinos. We are the future. And we have arrived."

For many years, Nike has celebrated cultural moments in history by designing special sneakers that represent the historic occasion. For the first time ever, Nike created a limited edition Nike Cortez that celebrates Latino Heritage Month, which is observed from September 15 to October 15.

The LHM Cortez features the iconic nylon upper in black and nubuck details throughout the sneaker including on the outter swoosh. The inner swoosh, however, features vibrant textured colors that stand out to match the semi-translucent sole. The heel tabs have an embroidered “Cortez ’72” in yellow and insoles that match the inner swoosh pattern with "LHM" on them.

It's really awesome to have a sneaker that represents my culture, especially coming from such a well-known brand like Nike. I've always been a big fan of the brand ever since I started my sneaker collection in the early 2000s and this just makes me love Nike even more. 

Big thank you to Nike Sportswear for my very first pair (ever) of Cortez'.



*Disclaimer* Although the sneakers were gifted to me, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.