Nike LunarCharge

Inspired by three Nike icons - Air Flow, Air Current, and Presto - with a laser-cut Lunarlon Sole.

When this sneaker first caught my eye on social media, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I didn't instantly love it, but I also didn't hate it. What caught my eye most though was that this was a new silhouette I had never seen before. Nike has been big on reintroducing older styles lately, so this was definitely something to talk about! (Not that there's anything wrong with reintroducing older styles because believe me, I am ALL for the older silhouette styles!!) I've got to be honest though, based off of just pictures, I wasn't the biggest fan of the LunarCharge. Yeah they looked dope, but how would they look ON foot?

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to a launch party at Bait on Melrose to celebrate the launch of the Nike Sportswear LunarCharge and I was so stoked to finally see the shoe in person. It was at the moment when I discovered that I indeed LOVED the sneaker! Everything from the silhouette, to the lunarlon sole, and down to the super dope hidden Nike logo on the midsole. It literally took me a while to realize the hidden logo. Well played Nike! ;)

Fast forward a couple weeks after the event, my bro-in-law Ray gifted my sister Lindsay a pair of the LunarCharge and I ain't even gonna lie, I was def hating! haha. The release on these wasn't so hyped, so it wasn't THAT easy to just go out to any store and buy them. Lucky for me, I no longer had to hate on my sister haha. Big thanks to Chris (@ChrisxHundred / @BlendsBH), for gifting me my OWN pair of the LunarCharge.

Now to how they feel on foot. Yes, rumors ARE true, these do run half a size to a full size smaller, but the comfort-ness, MY GAWWWWD, INSANE! That lunarlon sole NEVER disappoints! I absolutely love how they look on foot too! 

After wearing these and posting them on my social accounts with the #LunarCharge hashtag, I realized I made a mistake by clicking ON the #LunarCharge hashtag. I discovered 3 color ways of the LunarCharge that I MUST hunt down! There's an olive green pair, lilac satin-like pair, and a different tones of purple pair. Like seriously Nike, just TAKE MY MONEY!!! lol




*Disclaimer* My thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.