Puma "The Suede"

It's without a doubt that all the classic sneakers are making a huge comeback lately and all brands across the board are making sure to hop on this trend wave. It's not only an easy go to because it's already an established style, but it's also a way for brands to get creative by adding their latest innovative ideas onto these classic styles that they know work.

I am personally absolutely loving this comeback and also the fact that all brands are focusing on catering to the ladies. For a really long time, we were left in the shadows and were forced to get kids sizes in order to have dope sneakers. 

Puma is not staying behind and they are sure making it clear of that by partnering with ladies that are hot in the game right now, such as Rihanna being Creative Director with her Creepers, Fenty Trainers, and Fur slides, and their latest partnership with Kylie Jenner with the Fierce and now being the face of their Summer '16 campaign for "The Suede". The classic Suede silhouette made it's way back to the limelight in their classic colorways and they've been a huge hit in the sneaker community.

I've seen the Suede's in the past year, but not get much public attention as they are getting now, in solid pastel colors which were an easy go-to for many girls, including myself. I first laid eyes on the Pastel Pink colorway on Caroll Lynn's (aka @Careaux) instagram early last year and knew I had to hunt those babies down. I was lucky enough to find my pair on Amazon and since then, I knew somehow Puma would make the classic Suedes come back.

Alongside the Pastel colorway, I was also very fortunate to add two more colorways of the Puma Suede's into my sneaker collection. The classic Black/White pair were gifted to me by MissBish / Puma Women and the Grey/Pink colorway from my fam over at WSS.

The comfort on these are beyond crazy, I don't even know why they went away for so long, I'm just glad they're back. To those wondering about sizing, they run true to size.



*Disclaimer* Although two pairs were gifted to me by WSS and MissBish/PumaWomen, my thoughts and opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.