RNRLA Half Marathon Training - Week 3/4

Where is the time going? I'm already going on week 5 of Half Marathon training and I feel like I JUST started this training plan!

Week 3 and 4 were a bit better than the first two. There are days when my training goes just as planned and then others where I have an event to attend to, so my training gets postponed. I have also been trying to take days off to recover when I feel any pain and although I hate to miss some of my runs, I feel like recovery IS part of the training plan. I come back to running after days of recovery feeling fresh and brand new with zero pain. I can't stress this enough, but you have got to LISTEN to your body! Your health is way more important than ANY run!

Nonetheless, I have been trying my best to keep up with the training plan. My runs have been a lot better and my pace has been decreasing. Unlike the first two weeks, pain hasn't really been present during my runs. I tried KT Tape for the first time during my week 3 Saturday long run and that stuff definitely works wonders! I now plan on using it for all of my long runs.

This past weekend I ran the HBDLA 5K presented by BlacklistLA and I really surprised myself with my final outcome. My main goal for the 5K was to beat my previous time of 27:35 and I did that by 4 seconds (27:31). The whole time I've been half marathon training, I have been struggling to get my pace down below 9:30/mi, so having accomplished the 5K in 8:51/mi lets me know that when I'm in race mode, anything is possible!

Speaking of races, this past week I officially signed up for the Los Angeles Marathon going down on March 2017. Aside from accomplishing my first Half Marathon before the end of this year, another one of my fitness goals was to run the LA Marathon next year. I have so many mixed emotions now that I'm officially registered and the main emotion being TERRIFIED! The thought alone of running from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Beach freaks the hell outta me, but I know with the proper training, I will be able to conquer 26.2 miles. So after finishing this HM training, I will start Marathon training with BlacklistLA.

I'm ready to see how week 5 goes for me and I'm counting down the days until October 30th!

xo, Diana Karen